All Audionet DNx machines now with Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz in Hifi/HighRes


Press release | The leading streaming services on the planet, including tens of thousands of radio stations and podcasts, are delivered from some weeks on in state-of-the-art sound quality via our DNx machines.
The update comes for ALL machines, even the older ones bought years ago!
To benefit from streaming in Audionet quality users need:

  • the newest iMM (app for DNx operation, only for iOS)
  • firmware update DNx
  • update network module in the DNx

All apps (iMM, RCP and aMM) will inform the user of the update automatically.
All will load and install the update automatically, too - only when mode is switched to manual, the user will have to initiate the update with a click.

Technically the services comes via airable (, included are the new "HiFi" accounts on Deezer (i.e. FLAC playing with 44.1kHz and 16 Bit = CD quality).
Qobuz will (depending on user's personal account) deliver HighRes formats up to 192kHz/24Bit.
Tidal will provide CD quality = FLAC with 44.1kHz / 16Bit (again depending on account).

A very laudable initiative from Audionet: the free-of-charge upgrades will give all friends of streaming access to the best available sound quality. Without having to pay a single buck.



For further info: to the Audionet website

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