Supreme-Analog Tangenta tonearm on the way to Capital Audiofest


Press release | Supreme-Analog Tangenta Reference tonearm serial number 001/2017 made for Audio Prana is on the way to America and you can see and hear it on Capital Audiofest november 3rd-5th in Audio Prana audio room. For any info contact Frederick Crane, owner of Audio Prana company.


Main specifications:

  • 12inches tonearm
  • 7,5mm overhang
  • 20deg offset angle
  • Very fine adjustable
  • VTA, azimuth, 0,05g VTF fine tuning, antiskating
  • Cardas internal tonearm wire
  • World first complete diamond bearing tonearm, diamond bearing with immeasurable friction, nano tolerance
  • World first adjustable and removable antiskating mechanism
  • Every tonearm’s final adjustment made by hand


For further info:

to the Capital Audiofest website

to the Audio Prana website

write to Supreme-Analog

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