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Press release | We have been very fortunate with all of our clients worldwide, many being ambassadors in their own right, talking about our products on forums, to friends, and where ever they can! We salute you for that, as the foundation of a strong brand is its clients!

Recently we have started our brand ambassador program as we already had professional artists using our products, whether an Amethyst or an Adagio, any product for that matter is being used by a large number of professionals. We now have the approval of broadcasting these wonderful artists using social media, and so we do!

Throughout the next weeks you will see more posts about esteemed artists who use our products professionally and we also will share more details about how they are using the Metrum Acoustics Digital to Analog converters, so stay tuned!


Metrum Acoustics Flint


Besides that the Ambre is scoring high in reviews and the demand has been enormous, we have introduced the Flint, our latest BabyDac. The Flint is a great DAC with the sound any of our other DACs have, yet in a very small format. We are currently working on adding two additional products to compliment the Flint, a baby ROON end point, and a headphone amplifier. With the introduction of the Flint we have lowered the entry point for potential new customers.

As for the Ambre, we somewhat underestimated the demand, our apologies for that, yet by the end of this week we are back in business, having enough Ambre's to fulfill the enormous demand we have for this more than perfect streaming solution! If you are not convinced about this ROON endpoint yet, check out the reviews made!


For further info: to Metrum Acoustics website

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