VANA brings handmade E.A.T vacuum tubes to North American market


Press release | VANA Ltd., the North American distributor for fine audio products is now the North American distributor for European Audio Team’s - E.A.T line of vacuum tubes made in the Czech Republic. E.A.T. is dedicated to hand making the finest 300B and KT88 tubes tested on custom made instruments to meet the highest standards.
E.A.T KT88

The E.A.T KT88 Diamond tube
The optimum choice for amps new or old designed for KT-88 and 6550 tubes, E.A.T’s KT88 vacuum tube offers a maximum anode dissipation rating of 35 Watts. A pair of E.A.T. KT88 tubes in class AB1 provide a continuous output of up to 100 Watts. The KT88 is also suitable for use as a series regulator tube in a stabilized power supply. The E.A.T. KT88 is available now in an elegant, factory-matched 4-pack for $1795 MSRP.

E.A.T 300B

The E.A.T 300B triode tube
E.A.T’s new version of the most revered tube in high end audio. The much sought after E.A.T’s 300B triode tube offers a maximum anode dissipation rating of 36 Watts. This directly heated triode offers superior linearity and reliability in both single-ended and push pull configured amplifiers. The E.A.T. 300B triode tubes are sold in matched pairs for $1695 MSRP.

E.A.T Cool Dampers

Anti-vibration Cool Dampers
E.A.T offers anti-distortion and anti-vibration Cool Dampers that help deliver a more controlled, more extended low frequency range, a cleaner sound stage, greater dynamic range and better overall focus through the entire bandwidth. The dampers are available in red or black in boxes of 4 for $139 MSRP.


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About VANA
VANA Ltd. is a full service distributor of fine audio products and accessories serving the US market. Based in Lake Grove, NY, VANA offers visibility and expertise to boutique manufacturers from around the world. VANA will provide dealer support and sales channel management at the highest level and maintains relationships with the most respected premium audio retailers.



For further info: to VANA, Ltd. website

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