Great new price on Ferguson Hill FH007 Speaker/Amp System


Press release | We're enjoying a glorious extended Summer here at our Kent HQ and in the spirit of this fruitful time of year we've reduced the price of our award winning FH007 Speaker/Amp System by £200 from £695 to £495! This is not a sale so the price will be staying at £495 for this run of FH007s while stocks last.

Ferguson Hill FH007 We've told you all about the FH007 Speaker/Amp System many times and you can click here to find out more from our website.
But don't just take our word for it. There's a great new review by Smit Patel featured on Posi+ive Feedback.
"Overall, the FH007 system has a sense of dynamism and airy nature which allows orchestral and instrumental music to really show their true capabilities. In parallel, micro-dynamics are very good with the speakers able to display subtle nuances and gradations in music loudness."

We also thought that instead of the usual glossy publicity shots we'd share some of the pictures our satisfied customers have sent us of their FH007 set-ups: see them in the side picture gallery.


For further info: to Ferguson Hill website

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