Two new products from European Audio Team at RMAF


Press release | VANA, Ltd., the North American distributor for fine audio products, announces the debut at the incoming RMAF of two new products from E.A.T - European Audio Team, exceptionally crafted in the Czech Republic.


EAT Prelude


Introducing the EAT Prelude turntable

As the most affordable high-performance turntable from EAT the Prelude features a heavy aluminum platter, a low-tolerance (0.01) polished stainless steel spindle in a soft bronze bushing, an ultra-dense MDF plinth coated with eight layers of lacquer, a freestanding isolated drive motor 100% disconnected from the plinth, a precision diamond-cut pulley, a high-damping, precision-cut drive belt and a high-purity balanced copper cable. A newly designed tone arm - the A-Note specifically made for MM cartridges, an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and a hinged dustcover are included as well -  all for the $1195 MSRP. The Prelude will be on display at RMAF 2018, suites 1013/1015

EAT E-Glo Petit

Introducing the EAT E-Glo Petit hybrid/tube phono preamp

The EAT E-Glo Petit phono preamp follows in the footsteps of the acclaimed and award-winning E-Glo S, delivering superb sound from an elegant, compact form factor. The EAT E-Glo Petit uses discrete technology – no cost-cutting operational amplifiers in this design. Two 12AX7 comprise the tube section mated with four special low-noise J-FET transistors in cascode utilized for the input. This combination allows us to achieve extremely low noise even at high gain from the E-Glo Petit. EAT also designed a very special power supply that is capable of delivering a very high anode voltage to the 12AX7 triodes, enabling them to operate in their most linear range—all included at an MSRP of $1495. EAT now offers three phono preamps from $1495 to $6995, providing enthusiasts with a range of superior solutions for analog playback. The E-Glo Petit will be on display at RMAF 2018, suites 1013/1015.

VANA Sales Contact: Nancy Weiner >



About VANA
VANA Ltd. is a full service distributor of fine audio products and accessories serving the US market. Based in Lake Grove, NY, VANA offers visibility and expertise to boutique manufacturers from around the world. VANA will provide dealer support and sales channel management at the highest level and maintains relationships with the most respected premium audio retailers.



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