Lector lancia il nuovo pre ZOE Concept Studio


Comunicato stampa | Il nuovo preamplificatore Lector ZOE Concept Studio dispone di alimentazione separata e componentistica ricercata con misure elettriche selettive. Il suo costo al pubbico è di 5.700,00 euro IVA compresa.


Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • new volume control based on ladder circuit with constant impedance
  • separate power supply unit for better signal to noise ratio
    polypropylene special capacitor and copper capacitors on power supply circuit
  • special Film & Foil capacitors on out signal path, just one for output
    no input capacitors on signal path, selection 5 line inputs by gold plated relays with automute
  • ultra low noise tube circuits with ECC-81S / 12AT 7 alternative 12BH7A or ECC802S
    cathode special optical bias control circuits
    shunt parallel power supply for HT voltage section reducing the sound power supply influence
  • lateral sides panels available as cherry wood or solid black plexi
    metal remote control handset for volume control
  • frequency response 20Hz-500kHz, THD <0.1%
    General size main unit: 430 (L) x 400 (D) x 100 (H) mm
  • net weight 12kg
  • power supply size: 210 (L) x 300 (D) x 100 (H) mm

Per ulteriori info: al sito Lector Strumenti Audio

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