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Stax 507 + SRM-727II

Expensive and elegant partners as well as refined and mature: the Stax SR-507 headphones and the Stax SRM-727II headphone amplifier are a great match.

White Gold Stradivari Reference

In my opinion, the cables object of this article are very close to what we can define the “perfect” cable…


Most phono preamps, in comparison with the King, seem to be a bit phony, affected and artificial, somehow even electrified and noisy: maybe they can embellish, underline something, but finally they appear less natural. You realize that by reconnecting the King to your system.

News and Events

We wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2017.

News and Events

10″ in-wall subwoofer with 10″ bass radiator in sealed enclosure and positive clamping mounting system.

News and Events

M2Tech, the italian company devoted to high quality digital audio based on music files, is glad and proud to introduce a new, revolutionary DAC.

Pathos Aurium

A warm device, never fatiguing, always pleasant, fulfilling and bodied. A charming interpretation of the Italian brand and against the tide that privileges the current trend of “analysts at all costs”.


Differently from the basic model, this one is provided with a kit of six Op-Amps operational amplifiers in order to personalize the sound performances. The most exigent user can therefore get the best listening combination and configuration.


The Bose 801 represent a revolution. The reflex sound and no more direct was a bolt from the blue for everybody.


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