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News and Events

Grab two models for the price of one.

News and Events

More power and more quality than ever from our brand.

News and Events

The 2110 Preamplifier and 2150 Mono Amplifier are the first releases in the next generation of 2000 level products from Boulder.


A record where jazz, African and Caribbean music are blended together in a succession of rhythmic and melodic inventions, in an original blues, always very fascinating and refined.

News and Events

News for the owners of a device with DACONE Transient chips.

News and Events

Bowers & Wilkins sets the new standard in wireless audio.

News and Events

A new level in high-end listening.

News and Events

From next Friday at London’s Electronic Music Exhibition.

News and Events

The next step in power regeneration, from the originator.

News and Events

These two new amps are shipping out from this week.


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