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Differently from the basic model, this one is provided with a kit of six Op-Amps operational amplifiers in order to personalize the sound performances. The most exigent user can therefore get the best listening combination and configuration.


Beautiful record of piano solo, composed and performed by an excellent pianist, through an excellent audio recording.


Understanding gain structure can help you get the cleanest signal possible out of your system and avoid some nasty things.

News and Events

All Engineering BV and M2Tech SRL form a new company.

News and Events

All models share the same AirForce™ acoustic platform, are fully active and governed by high resolution Digital Sound Processors.

News and Events

We will be present in Room F224, and you are invited to share a coffee and some ideas with us.

News and Events

Discover this creation of passion and secure your personal limited edition of VIRTU, your audiophile friends will be astonished: so says the Swiss based high-end company.

Mauro Cittadini

ReMusic’s Company is always increasing. The new collaborators arrive at a cosy place where they can pleasantly share their audiophile passion: ReMusic editorial office.

News and Events

CA Electronics from Holland has managed to design the perfect stand for any headphones.

News and Events

The speakers wrapped in leather which satisfies both ears and eyes.


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