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Heritage of the famous British Sound, these speakers return to the monitors of the'60s and '70s designed by the BBC, the "auntie" for the Brits.

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We are happy if you visit our demo in Regensdorf.

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Multiroom installation amplifier with streaming and multi-zone capabilities.

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Target is a respected brand with over three decades in the accessories business offering premium steel loudspeaker stands in an array of sizes.


In my opinion, a good mains filter is not only an accessory but an out-and-out component of the system. Hence an object indispensable to help the electronics to perform at best.


It is not common for the Hi-Fi manufacturers to become a great and authentic brand, moreover quoted by Wikipedia. This fact, in a simple way, explains the culture and the design refinement of the classic Cabasse Pacific 3 speakers: top-level domestic High-End.

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Audolici new A25 M Tube amplifier and AVP-01 phono preamplifier.

Tisbury Audio Mini Passive Preamplifier II

A budget passive preamp can be made and play in High-End systems? The question here is intentionally rhetorical...

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Jakob Odgaard will take over the CEO-position.

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MOON by Simaudio new product, the 240i integrated amplifier.

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PS Audio from USA launches a brand new product category.

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Latest high-speed digital technology, refined looks and phono input for vinyl playback added.

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Black Rhodium Prelude cable was first released in 2006 and received excellent reviews in all the UK main hi-fi magazines including a ‘Highly Commended’ award in Hi-Fi News and ‘Best Buy’ in Hi-Fi Choice.


The resolution of making at home the transformers has been a forced choice for Trafomatic, so I warn you: if you opt for Trafomatic, you are going to choose a unique amplification. The same thing arose a couple of years ago when you had to decide for expensive Japanese amplifications.


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