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AudioNec Listening Room
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There you will listen to all the range of our new high-end products: Music Servers, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, DSP & Cables.

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Discover it with our Easter special offer ...


With his Steinway & Sons Grand Piano built in 1929, Vatter rides the wave of a brand new artistic form where the pianist uses the piano as the painter uses the brush or the palette knife.

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All with beautifully crafted cabinet.


A new champion in the category of the electrostatic speakers, a typology towards which many audiophiles have more prejudices than listening sessions.

Stax 507 + SRM-727II

Expensive and elegant partners as well as refined and mature: the Stax SR-507 headphones and the Stax SRM-727II headphone amplifier are a great match.


Of Simone's discography, widely available both in shelf and on the web, we would not exclude any title, but in this occasion we want to mention one in particular.

RIP Riza Arshad
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Riza Arshad (along with Moonjune Record's Leonardo Pavkovic) is the single reason why I have become not just a huge fan of the recently departed keyboardist and his longstanding, genre-defying group, simakDialog.

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Soulution at the Munich High End 2014

Metaxas Marquis
News and Events

Another brilliant idea from a very different Hi End Audio company.


Till very late in life, Burnside used to work as a peasant, but at the beginning of the 90’s he literally shattered and desecrated the ultra traditional structure of the blues. 


It is not always true that by changing a component with a “better one” the system will improve. Sometimes a downgrade is better than an upgrade. Even if the average enthusiast does not tolerate it.

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The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment.

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Once Metaxas perfected the art of CNC machining organic shapes with amplifiers, it opened up similar possibilities with speakers.


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