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News and Events

These models extend our current product family at both ends of the price range.

News and Events

Since now, Audire is the new and exclusive distributor Devialet for Indian market.

News and Events

Lucid Labs launched a new catalyst phono preamplifier monday 9/28/15 at 7pm on Kickstarter.

News and Events

The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment.


An integrated amp, a dedicated headphone amp and a tube preamplifier in a small gear at an entry-level price. Such products open the market to new categories of lovers of the good sound.

Gennaro Muriano

Welcome to a new ReMusic's collaborator: audiophile and engineer. Besides, he is been working to develop a new technology applied to the amplification.


Efficient and unobtrusive, small but bold: a class-D delight.


Of Simone's discography, widely available both in shelf and on the web, we would not exclude any title, but in this occasion we want to mention one in particular.


Many speakers types in one, without cabinet and with a great sound: a truly unique project.

News and Events

From today the Naim ND5 XS, NDX and NAC-N 172 XS network players will be shipped with Bluetooth (aptX) compatibility.


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