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News and Events

From 7 to 10 October at the Congress Center Düsseldorf.

AudioNec Listening Room
News and Events

There you will listen to all the range of our new high-end products: Music Servers, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, DSP & Cables.

News and Events

Nelson Pass First Watt meets PureAudioProject with PAP-C1, Custom Active Analog Crossover for Open Baffle and bi-amping fans.


An ultra low-frequency pulse generator that makes the listening of any audio system a fresher and fulfilling experience: you will realise that “by instinct”…


It’s hard to understand what pushed the Japanese percussionist to choose the musicians, but most probably they were the best guys on the market. Go is unanimously considered one of the greatest rock masterpieces.

News and Events

They offer power and convenience.

News and Events

That's how Bose gets powerful sound from a small design.

News and Events

Offer valid only until Saturday midnight, NYC time.


A new series of articles about listening, description and fruition of the so-called "extreme" systems: you can love or hate them, but you cannot sit by.


It seemed quite impossible to realize a three-way speaker virtually without crossover, but Giorgio Todde by Arte Acustica has managed it with island and enduring determination. What was so difficult? Well, everything...


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