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Diasoul Diasouli speaker system and Zanden M500 DAC are here.


I have tested the KingRex T20U both with the standard switching PSU and the partnering PSU MKII, which promises to make it reach primacy in the listening quality: a development of the T-Amp?

KingSound KS-H04 + M-03

I again want to praise KingSound on the quality, ergonomics, and beauty of its products

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We're celebrating twenty successful years of Audionet Scientific magic with SAM 20 SE integrated amp.

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Based on the DIA integrated amplifiers it offers a very good sounding, straightforward preamplifier that includes the DAC circuitry from DIA-250 and DIA-400. It has exactly the same features as the DIA's but without the output stage.

audolici AV P 01
News and Events

Among all the albums of the band, L'Anima du Munnu (The Soul of the World) represents the highest moment of Taberna's self-expression, creativity and technical ability.


A new series of articles about listening, description and fruition of the so-called "extreme" systems: you can love or hate them, but you cannot sit by.

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The widebander in this model is restricted to cover 200Hz to 12.000Hz and sports notch filters at 4 to 8kHz.


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