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Efficiency, as normal for this typology of loudspeakers, is not very high. Yet, also a T-amp can drive them. But this is not the best match, as we will find out…

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Pure silence, pure music, pure joy.


I have never thought to test an object that represents a solid bridge between the analogue and the digital world.

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These two new amps are shipping out from this week.


We are not dealing with a simple refinement: we are in the presence of a solution of huge impact in terms of effectiveness. Trust me… it’s devastating!


Small, strong and smart: a powerful interface from the PC and a helpful DAC. First part of the most “open” and cool digital system of the market.

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From flagship Extreme to wireless Lynx speakers.


Gone a year ago, Apple’s co-founder has bequeathed a huge fortune that also the audiophiles can share: it is time to make the most of it and go on.

Audiosophia VSR pre e finali miniatura

Very big sound, very small expense. It is hard getting more also with more, much more money. ReMusic has tracked down in Max Micelli by Audiosophia an authentic High-End guru...


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